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* Real stories about people's files getting damaged

A specialized tool that makes MS Project recovery online fast, easy and convenient

Upload your damaged *.mpp file with Microsoft Project data to our online Microsoft Project recovery tool. The service will automatically start the process of MPP file recovery. If it detects Microsoft Project data during file analysis, it will save it to a new healthy *.mpp file.

Key features of this *.mpp file recovery service:

  • Restores *.mpp files of all versions starting from version 2000;
  • Recovers the max possible number of database fields automatically - no need to know how to repair MS Project file online;
  • Uses several recovery algorithms at the same time for quick and efficient data repair;
  • Performs MS Project recovery online;
  • High speed of recovery even in case of large files;
  • Supports all operating systems, including iOS and Android on tablets;
  • Low cost of MS Project file recovery.

How to repair Project file

The repairing of damaged Microsoft Project (.mpp) file online:

  1. Select or drag&drop damaged Microsoft Project .mpp file
  2. Type email address
  3. Upload file for recovery to the repair server
  4. Wait for the end of recovery process
  5. Preview of repaired data if the repair process was success
  6. Download health Microsoft Project (.mpp) file

How to perform Microsoft MPP recovery on your own?

With this service, you no longer need to download, install and launch special data recovery tools for damaged MS Project files. If you don't know how to recover Microsoft Project file data, a web browser is all you will need.

This online Microsoft MPP recovery service also helps fix the following Microsoft Project errors:

  • An unexpected problem occurred while opening the file. The file may be damaged. Try using a backup copy.
  • Project cannot recognize this file format. Do you want to open this file as text only?
  • The file cannot be opened.


  • This service does not know how to recover MS Project file data protected with a password;
  • The service does not recover encrypted MPP files.

Customer's reviews and ratings


washington 02-17-2024


sanjay 02-16-2024


amir 02-11-2024

I hope it works!!! For sure yes!!

joan 11-20-2023


inma 11-01-2023


DOUG 10-26-2023


Excelente 10-10-2023

Very good

Evan pro 09-18-2023


isa 08-21-2023

good repair service

tb 08-15-2023

thank you

cyntia 07-17-2023


giri 07-14-2023


NATY 06-07-2023

Gradually MS Project is losing data. At first I thought it was me who accidentally deleted a couple of tasks from the schedule. But soon the file was completely covered, it was not possible to open it. After the restoration, several automatic "disappeared" tasks were returned, but not all. I made a backup just in case.

Byron Molina 05-22-2023

I was unable to recover my file as it was password protected. Guys, I sent you my password file in your mail, I'm waiting for your answer. The previous file was repaired successfully.

Korbin Hays 05-22-2023

Add a "Pay with Google Pay" or "Apple pay" button on the checkout page. It is inconvenient to enter card data from the phone.

Nehemiah Alvarado 05-22-2023

Even after removing the virus that causing file corruption and inaccessibility, MS Project 2007 refuses to open my plan.Your site was thrown to me by my friend who could not fix his .dbf file. And I managed to extract some data from the damaged file. This data is enough to create a new plan and copy it there.

Puberulent 05-22-2023

Make a tool to viewing MS Project, as after the fix I can only see the preview as a picture. Of course, I downloaded a repaired file to my laptop, where there were incomplete entries in the "Resources" table.

Brandon Li 05-22-2023

My retail MS Project file has been fixed successfully. I thought I would have to somehow convert from Project 2010 to Project 2019, but it turned out that there were errors in the files themselves.

Maxence 05-22-2023

Installed third party add-ons for MS Project and MSP started crashing and corrupts files. So I got a couple of damaged files, which soon did not open at all. I wrote to the add-on developers about this, apart from a denial and a "sincere" apology, I got nothing from them. After fixing my files, I can claim that you are the best in 2020. Feature to check the repaired file before paying - the genius who came up with this! Thanks for the job

Zain Ulises 05-22-2023

The service well repairs MS Project files, I can't say anything about other products. Fixed .mpp file, happy with result

Hormone 05-22-2023

The service does a good job troubleshoot of a corrupted file with .mpp extension, well done! This is the second time I use

Theandric 05-22-2023

Retrieving of a damaged Microsoft Project file was a little difficult, since the process bar in the second step froze and, as a result, I had to re-upload the file. Two letters were sent to the mail about the restoration of the file, the strange thing is that the first file got stuck, but fixed, and the second immediately repaired and showed a preview.

Martin CA 05-22-2023

I deleted Microsoft Project files from my hard drive, but I managed to get some of them back with defects. Not all info could be extracted because the Grantt diagram was not built correctly, but so far I have not found empty data

Spoonerism 05-22-2023

I tried to transfer Project 2000 tasks to Project 2019, but this caused an error and now the file stopped opening in both versions of Project. To restore the file, I need to roll back the actions through the restore point. If not for this service, I would have done it and not for the fact that it would have helped. I simply refused this work and returned the restored version.

Undinism 05-22-2023

The service is good 4/5, it helped restore the previous stable version of the plan in Microsoft Project 2010, which unable to opened due to damage. Restoration is quick, but check all your tasks because my tasks were restored in different order

Graphomania 05-22-2023

Microsoft Project freezes when saving a file. He closed the program forcibly and tried to open it again, but Project says that the .MPP file is corrupted. Using this service, my .MPP file was successfully restored. New tasks were partially restored, and those tasks (from the previous version of the file) that were deleted by me before saving were also restored.

StringChiari 05-22-2023

Usually, when I save the MS Project plan, I select "Save as Microsoft Project 2007 (* .mpp)", but today I get the error "Project cannot recognize this file format" when I try to open the file again. In the support forum, any .mpp recovery method is based on the fact that you had to back up the file before. I was able to recover only one file, the second file with a password, can I send you a password so that you can recover, please respond.

Tecnitoca 05-22-2023