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helped me

renato guerrero 20-Jun-2024


Rad 18-Jun-2024


Rad 18-Jun-2024

very good

JESIEL 17-Jun-2024


abdel 09-Jun-2024

Good job

Vitor 02-Jun-2024


esau 28-May-2024


fke 23-May-2024


fke 23-May-2024

very good

arimael 21-May-2024

Super good

juan 17-May-2024

Excelenat application I have used it three times

Pablo 30-Apr-2024

good app

eeeh 24-Apr-2024

what a nice program

Sergio 16-Apr-2024


Ram 06-Apr-2024

very interesting

bb 06-Apr-2024


MANUEL 05-Apr-2024

Thank you

Ivan 03-Apr-2024


raphy 30-Mar-2024


lursh 24-Mar-2024


LINDA 14-Mar-2024

good service

joau 12-Mar-2024


RRL 11-Mar-2024

Good to recover

Raphael 05-Mar-2024

File worked for months was damaged, now I'm trying to recover

Rafael 05-Mar-2024

am doing an audit then yack it takes long to save later on i cant access the doc streesed out coz of the deadline

ben 24-Feb-2024


washington 17-Feb-2024


sanjay 16-Feb-2024

gooooood app

bad 15-Feb-2024

gooooood app

amir 11-Feb-2024

He is preparing an online presentation and I gave him the option to download but it went wrong and I didn't realize it, and this application has saved me

paola 06-Feb-2024

great app of the best

edwin elias 06-Feb-2024

My HDD was damaged and when I recovered the files, many files were damaged and could not be opened. This app helped me repair them 100%.

Alma 01-Feb-2024

a quick and easy way to repair

maria 30-Jan-2024

very nice

nuno 29-Jan-2024

very good

dadad 18-Jan-2024

where is the download button

Omar 10-Jan-2024

Too many steps seem unattractive to me.

Omar| 10-Jan-2024

Thank you

leo 09-Jan-2024


EDX 04-Jan-2024


alla 02-Jan-2024


abood 27-Dec-2023

good good vvvv cccc nnnn

refaei 25-Dec-2023


sadak 22-Dec-2023

I needed a file and I didn't want to open it and thanks to you I was able to do it.

Maria Mejia 22-Dec-2023


chris 04-Dec-2023


miguel 29-Nov-2023

Let's see the recovery!

miguel G 29-Nov-2023

a good tool

edson 29-Nov-2023

Thank you for allowing me to recover my database, excellent service

Angel Maya 28-Nov-2023

I hope it works!!

joan 20-Nov-2023


Nomi 16-Nov-2023

everything ok

j 15-Nov-2023


Valter 06-Nov-2023


ashish 03-Nov-2023

Super good tool!!

gg 25-Oct-2023

Very good app

Luis 17-Oct-2023

good tools

kezz 16-Oct-2023

what a WORTHLESS tool...

SP 12-Oct-2023


zakir 09-Oct-2023

The best choice

Matthew 02-Oct-2023

Good tool

Pedro Macias Pacheco 30-Sep-2023

Definitely a good option.

Denis 19-Sep-2023

thank you

pedro morales 19-Sep-2023

thank you

yofer 09-Sep-2023

I saved it and couldn't open it anymore.

Aixa 29-Aug-2023

Thank you

Aixa 29-Aug-2023

thank you

AMC 23-Aug-2023


kk 21-Aug-2023


jams 18-Aug-2023

The good one

Daffa Fathurahman 18-Aug-2023


chirag 18-Aug-2023

is it reliable

serges 15-Aug-2023

got corrupted making backup

henrry 04-Aug-2023

fixing damaged file

Katterine Sepulveda 03-Aug-2023

good well

sh 03-Aug-2023

very good

jenifer 30-Jul-2023

it worked

cate 28-Jul-2023

Very good work

Frtanks 28-Jul-2023


abhilash 26-Jul-2023

this is works good

souha 25-Jul-2023

I keep working

Sam 25-Jul-2023

I needed to use this file and I fix it

stiven 19-Jul-2023

Human Behaviour

Prasad K 19-Jul-2023

I can't stand the stress I lost this file after recording all day on it

cyntbia 17-Jul-2023

File corrupted after downloading to portable drive

Madina 14-Jul-2023

Saved me in the hour of despair. Mega important file that I didn't want to lose....

Claudio 12-Jul-2023

I needed to use the file and could not open it because the file was corrupted

Cesar 10-Jul-2023

very cool

jordan 10-Jul-2023

I was working on a report and suddenly it quit word try to enter again and it said corrupted file

fran 04-Jul-2023


Jsh 30-Jun-2023

I needed to use the file and I couldn't open it because the file was corrupted


I needed to use the file and could not open it because the file was corrupted

Ana Paula 18-Jun-2023

I was working on an old computer and when I tried to open the file it said it couldn't be opened, I had made a lot of progress and I didn't know what to do because I didn't have time to do the work anymore.

daiane 16-Jun-2023

Working on the file, everything ok and when saving and closing everything ok. When trying to open it, it says that it has to be repaired and then that it can't be done

Miguel 15-Jun-2023

I was working on an old computer and when I tried to open the file it said it couldn't be opened and I didn't know what to do.

Portia 12-Jun-2023

I did a project for several months and after a while I saw that the files were mysteriously damaged.

memova 12-Jun-2023

I safely removed the pen drive from the computer and it told me that files were open when it was impossible since I closed everything, when I went back in, everything was damaged

Oli 08-Jun-2023


Ezhilan 06-Jun-2023

I was working on an old computer and when I tried to open the file it said it couldn't be opened, I had come a long way and I didn't know what to do because I didn't have time to do the work anymore.

Ximena 01-Jun-2023

I have finished presenting my thesis. I closed it and when I opened it again it said the file was corrupt. I was scared because there was only one day left before the defense. so decide to use this tool.

lolik 29-May-2023

a day ago i working on my ai files but unfortunetly the electricity went and can't save my file after when electricity came i can't accsess my file it show me a worning massage

jahid 27-May-2023

I was doing my work, the computer was disconnected and turned off, when I reopened the document it had an error.

Silvia Martinez 25-May-2023

A couple of days ago I wrote a diploma and the electricity went out abruptly, so the computer went out, there was no UPS, after turning it on I tried to open the file with the thesis, and there the bolt, the file was damaged, I was a little upset. I rummaged through Google and found this service, I think it’s a useless thing, but I still decided to try it, there was no limit to my surprise when the corrupted file was eventually fixed. I express my deep gratitude to the developers for saving the thesis!!! Poor Student!

Евгений 25-May-2023

I finished the presentation for my degree work. I closed and when I opened it again it said file damaged. I was scared because there was one day left for the defense. so opt to use this tool.

Luis 25-May-2023
4.7 (985)

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