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What is the easiest way to perform PowerPoint recovery online?

Upload a damaged *.ppt or *pptx Microsoft PowerPoint presentation file to our online service. This online PPT repair tool will automatically restore the data and perform accurate recovery of the corrupted presentation.

This online PowerPoint repair tool can do the following with damaged *.ppt and *pptx files of Microsoft PowerPoint:

  • fixes *.ppt files of MS PowerPoint 97-2003;
  • recovers *.pptx files of MS PowerPoint 2007 and above;
  • uses mechanisms of artificial intelligence for recovering original presentations - you don't need to have any special knowledge or know how to repair PPTX file online;
  • recovers of deleted presentation elements;
  • recovers deleted slides;
  • reconstructs presentations using PowerPoint;
  • reconstructs charts using Microsoft Excel;
  • concurrently uses several PPT and PPTX file recovery methods;
  • saves recovered media files (graphics, video and such) as separate files (if non-automatic inclusion of data into the recovered presentation is impossible).

How to repair PowerPoint presentation

Instructions to repair corrupt presentation files of Microsoft PowerPoint online:

  1. Select corrupted PowerPoint .ppt/.pptx file
  2. Type email address
  3. Upload file for recovery to the repair server
  4. Wait for the end of recovery process
  5. Preview of repaired data if the repair process was success
  6. Download fixed presentation (.pptx) file

How to perform the recovery of PowerPoint file data to restore a damaged PPTX file online?

If you don't know how to repair PowerPoint file online, you no longer need to download, install and launch specialized software on your computer. Just upload a PPT or PPTX file to our service to perform PowerPoint recovery online in a few clicks.

This online service helps fix the following errors in Microsoft PowerPoint presentations:

  • Unable to read file.
  • Unknown error occurred
  • This file is not in a recognizable format.
  • There was an error accessing the file xxxx.pptx
  • PowerPoint cannot open *.ppt file because part of the file is missing.
  • PowerPoint cannot open the type of file represented by filename.ppt.
  • POWERPOINT.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows. You will need to restart the program. An error log is being created.
  • File is damaged or corrupted and can't be opened.
  • Objects and / or text overlap. Cannot open the file.
  • Objects do not appear where they are positioned on the slide.
  • Part of the file is missing.
  • PowerPoint cannot open the type of file represented by xxx.pptx
  • PowerPoint cannot read *.pptx
  • PowerPoint found an error that it can't correct. You should save presentations, quit and then restart PowerPoint.
  • PowerPoint has encountered a problem and needs to close.
  • PowerPoint Not Responding.
  • PowerPoint Viewer can't read C:\path\filename.ppt
  • PowerPoint was unable to display some of the text, images, or objects on the slides in the file, "xxxx.ppt".
  • Some common error messages that a user encounters while he/she tries to access data from a corrupt presentation unnamed.ppt cannot be opened.
  • The file is corrupt and cannot be opened.
  • The file may be read-only, or you may be trying to open a read-only location. Or, the server on which the presentation is stored on may not be responding.
  • The Presentation *.pptx is incomplete. Please reload.
  • This is not a PowerPoint Presentation. Your system is low on virtual memory. To ensure that Windows runs properly, increase the size of your virtual memory paging file.


  • The service does not restore password-protected files;
  • The service does not restore encrypted PPT/PPTX files;
  • If an object found in a damaged file cannot be added to a presentation automatically, it is saved as a separate file. You will then be able to manually add the recovered object to a new presentation.


The extensions of recovered files: *.ppt/*.pptx. The Online Service and PowerPoint Repair Kit repairs files Microsoft PowerPoint 2007/2010/2013/2016/2019/2021 and PowerPoint for Microsoft 365.

Customer's reviews and ratings


nano 07-10-2024


Gopi 07-04-2024

Thanks for the help

carl 06-15-2024

excellent help

dara 06-06-2024


aya 05-06-2024


brand 04-06-2024

I am disappointed, the PPT presentation was only restored as text. The pictures in a separate folder. Not worth the money!

Norbert 02-17-2024

Excellent very useful tool

Kevin 02-16-2024

Excellent page, it has saved my life

paola 02-06-2024


gat 01-15-2024


KRISTAL 01-02-2024

Everything started fine, I followed the instructions and uploaded a pptx file. But when I reached 99% of the first step, the process got stuck there (without failures in Internet connectivity), I waited a reasonable time until I was stubborn in waiting, without any indication of a suggestion, and I ended up aborting the process with the consequent disappointment.

Pedro González 11-20-2023


Library 11-02-2023

Immediate solution

natascia 10-27-2023

Very fast

LILIAN 09-28-2023

I hope I can repair the file

Dennis 09-27-2023


yes 09-11-2023


good 09-09-2023


packz 08-20-2023

Very Good

Pmk 07-19-2023

Fast and very good service. Saved a lot at the time of emergency

Claudio Caetano 07-12-2023

The service was able to repair my ppt file

lekh 07-02-2023


juan 06-23-2023

IT was good

Dona 06-19-2023


оўлук 06-07-2023

Fast, honest, easy to use. Watch preview of repaired file and payment after. It's good.
My file is seriously damaged and it's not work.

Simon 06-05-2023

good works

gege 05-30-2023

Norm so

lolik 05-29-2023

very fast and good for ppt repair

keshav Gupta 05-22-2023


pedro 05-22-2023


med sbai 05-22-2023

Restoring damaged PowerPoint 2010 files took less than 5 minutes. It's even better than installing software.

Natalee Larson 05-22-2023

It is very annoying that after the recovery I had to dig into the recovered_media folders and the file extension for me to understand what this format is .png or .jpeg. The presentation has been repaired with all the slides and texts, I just had to add pictures there.

Orion Hancock 05-22-2023

I am satisfied with the purchase, the stages of file repair are very simple: select a file, click recover, save.

Agiotage Pirat 05-22-2023

A friend came to me with a corrupted PowerPoint file of over 10MB and with nearly 1,500 slides in it. Nothing could open it and he had no backup. Onlinefilerepair let me upload it and within a few minutes I had most of the file back. The repair was far from perfect. But with lots of editing, my friend will at least not have to re-create his slides. The price was very fair and was a lifesaver! (I've given my friend some pointers on more judicious PP files and backups!)

JM 05-22-2023

In the presentation "Investment in fixed.ppt" there were 3 video assets of which only 2 were repaired.

Mollycoddle 05-22-2023

Uploaded a PowerPoint 2007 .ppt file to this service, but for some reason it automatically decided to make it a .pptx. Had to install PowerPoint 2010 or higher to open without error.

Roderick Williamson 05-22-2023

Failed to fully fix PowerPoint 2007 file

Vaccine 05-22-2023

Can I send you my Power-Point file with a password? Since when I boot it says that "boot failure". I know the password for the file, but I cannot open it, it is damaged

Kayden Wynter 05-22-2023

PowerPoint says you need to restore the file because when I am opening this presentation, you get the error message "Part of the file is missing." After uploaded a damaged file, it was analyzed and errors were fixed. My presentation has been repaired, but without SmartApp objects.

CosmismShneee 05-22-2023

Online repair service is troubleshooting .ppt file fast, I recovered information from unreadable PowerPoint file. But recovered presentation little different because durations of animation set 1 seconds for every effects

Kyriolexy 05-22-2023

I could find and recover an unsaved PowerPoint file, but when I want to open it, an error appears. After the recovery process, a couple of slides are missing in the fixed file.

Ratatouille 05-22-2023

“This is one of the best sites for repair a damaged PowerPoint documents. It was recovered all my slides, and most importantly charts from corrupted .PPTX file. Definitely, 5 stars, good job!”

Entuire 05-22-2023

Why your PowerPoint fixer does not fully repair a .ppt file. I open a recovered file in Microsoft PowerPoint and saw only a few slides, it's about 1/3 my work!!!

RaptorUS 05-22-2023