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* Real stories about people's files getting damaged

How to repair AI file data damaged after a system crash?

Upload and restore your damaged *.ai files in just a couple of clicks. Just upload a corrupted Illustrator project to our website, and the service will automatically restore the lost data using a combination of special intelligent algorithms.

Capabilities of this AI file repair service:

  • Recovers *.ai files of all versions of Adobe Illustrator;
  • Uses several advanced recovery algorithms for maximizing the amount of data restore from the damaged file;
  • Does not require high-speed computers and servers for corrupt Illustrator file recovery;
  • Uses reliable SSL encryption to protect data from being intercepted during transmission;
  • Does not depend on the user's operating systems;
  • Low cost per *.ai file recovery;
  • Does not require special programs to be installed on the user's computer.

How to repair Illustrator file

Fast repairing of corrupted Adobe Illustrator (.ai) files online:

  1. Select damaged Adobe Illustrator drawing .ai file
  2. Type valid email address
  3. Upload file for recovery to the repair server
  4. Wait for the end of recovery process
  5. Preview of repaired data if the repair process was success
  6. Download repaired (.ai + .pdf) files

How to repair AI file online?

How to repair Illustrator file damaged after a system crash without special knowledge? Just upload a damaged Adobe Illustrator project to our service. Just one click - and you will be able to see what elements can be restored from the corrupted file. You will no longer need a special AI file recovery program for Adobe Illustrator recovery of damaged files, since all the work will be performed on the server.

Apart from Adobe Illustrator repair of damaged files, the service enables you to fix errors related to incorrect data in Adobe Illustrator *.ai files, such as:

  • Can't open the illustration. The illustration contains an illegal operand.
  • The file is damaged and could not be repaired.
  • An unknown error has occurred.
  • Can't open the illustration. The illustration contains an incomplete or garbed object description.
  • Not enough memory to open illustration.


The online service does not recover password-protected files.

Customer's reviews and ratings

very good

Luisa 05-11-2024

Yes it is good

Martin Higgs 05-07-2024

good app

MAuricio 04-22-2024


Straus 03-10-2024


Diego 12-05-2023


perez 10-20-2023

let's see what happens

Lolo 08-01-2023


shanu 07-28-2023

it's good

sam 07-11-2023

It's very good

kbzon 07-01-2023


Jami 05-22-2023

great, amazing

Dira 05-22-2023

cool site

оуоу 05-22-2023

thank you

joe 05-22-2023

let it be good

Jaume Miarnau Filella 05-22-2023

They are the best, I had a corrupted Illustrator file and I ran it online here and it told me that it was too damaged to recover. So I wrote to the mail and in a few hours they sent me my repaired file. They are the best!

Natalia 05-22-2023

Some kind of advanced file repair turned out, one .ai file and several .pdf files. The complete drawing turned out to be after several conversions from pdf to ai.

Adriana 05-22-2023

Illustrator files were accidentally damaged when the process of moving data from HDD to SDD was started. Some files could not be restored, but most of them returned to their original working form.

Grady Armstrong 05-22-2023

It's a great idea to create a server for recovery file . It was very convenient for me to use your services, quickly and efficiently

Brouhaha 05-22-2023

The company cares a lot about its customers' files. I felt it myself. When filling out the form, I made a mistake in the email address, and step by step I came to pay for the restored file. Having paid for it, I decided to download the file, and then download it again at home. Then I find out that the letter with the link did not come to my mail. Having contacted those support, we found out that when filling out the form, there was a mistake in the email address, I missed the letter. The manager immediately blocked the download link and sent me a new link. That's what I understand the level!

Dissentient 05-22-2023

Managed to fix Adobe Illustrator files corrupted when transferred to another drive.

Jenesis Nathan 05-22-2023

Illustrator drawing has been corrupted by a plugin. I tried all the ways to solve the problems that were proposed on the forum. And which I was able to do myself, it's a pity to no avail. I didn't want to pay, but I had to because the deadline was close. Rebuilding was a little expensive for me ($14).

Jaziel Damian 05-22-2023

In Illustrator CC, the .ai file opens, but says it is not a readable file. This service help me repaired a damaged Illustrator file. As a result, I received two .ai and .pdf files, the last of which I had to convert to .ai format in another online service.

Capuchin 05-22-2023

Adobe Illustrator did not read a file that was saved with an error. After the fixed error, I get the restored .ai file with some layers missing.

Krankenwagen 05-22-2023

The .AI file was damaged after a computer crash; Illustrator cannot open this file. The service restored a part of the image as a PDF, but the contents of the PDF file were restored without the figures created using the Blend Tool.

Contumacious 05-22-2023

Illustrator saving with errors over a file, and I can not return to my old file. I tried to repair the Illustrator file, but unfortunately it was only 80% restored. The rest had to be finished manually.

Ossiferous 05-22-2023

Adobe Illustrator failed to save the file, resulting in a damaged file. After restoring a corrupt .AI file, I was able to see a preview of the restored file without Adobe Illustrator. As it turned out, he returned the old version of the file, and simply did not save the new one.

Ainazik 05-22-2023

I was able to recover a file that could not be saved in Adobe Illustrator due to a program crash. BUT in my file, each mask has become large, and some fonts have changed ... Any way, this method save my time which I will spend on the Adobe support forum.

dariolemix 05-22-2023