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* Real stories about people's files getting damaged

Comprehensive Adobe Photoshop recovery software

In order to perform Adobe Photoshop PSD recovery online, just upload your damaged file to our service. Our Adobe PSD repair tool will scan it and save all found graphical data to a new *.psd file.

Below is a list of the key features of this Adobe Photoshop PSD repair service:

  • Full support of all versions of Photoshop, starting from version 3.0;
  • Support of Unicode file names;
  • Recovery of data to a new PSD file. The result of such recovery is a new *.psd file that can be opened in Photoshop and edited further;
  • Low cost per recovery;
  • High performance and efficient PSD file repair online;
  • Use of several concurrent algorithms and methods of PSD file recovery;
  • Supports all major operating systems (Windows, iOS, Android) and devices (PC, tablets, phones).

How to repair Photoshop file

How to repair corrupted PSD files or fix damaged Adobe Photoshop files online:

  1. Select or drag&drop damaged Adobe Photoshop project .psd file
  2. Type any valid email address
  3. Upload file for recovery to the repair server
  4. Wait for the end of recovery process
  5. Preview of repaired data if the repair process was success
  6. Download DEMO of repaired file
  7. Download recovered Photoshop (.psd) file

How to repair PSD file online?

With this service, you no longer need to download, install and configure special Adobe Photoshop recovery tools on your computer. Even if you don't know how to repair PSD file online, just upload the damaged file to the service and get the result in a few clicks.

Our Adobe Photoshop recovery software also helps fix the following Adobe Photoshop errors:

  • The document filename.psd could not be opened. Photoshop cannot open files in the "Adobe Photoshop file" format.
  • Photoshop cannot open files in the "Adobe Photoshop JPEG File" format.
  • Photoshop cannot open files in the "[other file format Photoshop should be able to open]" format.
  • Is not a valid Photoshop document.
  • Unknown or invalid JPEG marker type is found.
  • File-format module cannot parse the file.
  • Corrupted header
  • Unknown file type
  • File can not be opened
  • Could not complete your request because the file is not compatible with this version of Photoshop.
  • Could not completed your request due to unexpected end of files error was encountered.
  • Failed error loading psd file unexpected end of file.
  • Unexpected End of File error.
  • End of file error.
  • PSD EOF error.
  • This document may be damaged (the file may be truncated or incomplete).
  • An unexpected and unrecoverable problem has occurred. Photoshop will now exit.
  • Could not complete your request because an unknown or invalid JPEG marker type is found.
  • Could not complete your request because it is not a valid Photoshop document.
  • Could not load actions because an unexpected end-of-file was encountered.
  • Some groups were found corrupted and repaired.
  • This document contains unknown data which will be discarded to keep layers editable. To preserve the original appearance instead, choose Flatten to load composite data as a flattened image.
  • Could not complete your request because the file-format module cannot parse the file.
  • Could not complete your request because a problem parsing the TIFF file.


  • The service does not restore data from password-protected files;
  • The service does not restore data from encrypted PSD files.

Customer's reviews and ratings

Good service, works excellent

alejandro plaza 04-02-2024

Very good job

Thanajo 01-18-2024


abood 12-27-2023

Nice good app

Nomi 11-16-2023


ab 10-26-2023


ss 09-29-2023

Saved another one!

Claudio 07-12-2023

wow, than you for recovering my file for me. This saved me from restarting this project

Chucky 06-30-2023

Excellent power point presentation repair service

Barto 05-25-2023

Nice Recover 100% safe my life

Yang 05-22-2023


hello 05-22-2023

Today's program saved a person's life. You will go to heaven. I will dance with God there. Thank you very much. Thank you very much appreciated

Korean girl 05-22-2023

worked great.. saved me a lot of time...well worth it!

DAVEF 05-22-2023

At first i thought it would be one of those scam sites but after paying and downloading the recovered file, im very happy it worked :)

Rybex 05-22-2023

Recovered damaged photos that were archived on a USB flash drive

Maiara 05-22-2023

I found my old email and extracted the .PSD files from there. Some did not open anymore, as some data was lost. I admit honestly, I have not paid for any of the files I have uploaded, since I no longer need them. I just looked at the previews and felt nostalgic for them.

Grady Woodward 05-22-2023

I got an error when saving in Photoshop and my document became unreadable - 12+ hours of work potentially gone. Came across this site and got the file fixed within minutes - looked great in the demo and it was easy to get the final file. Great service!

Leah 05-22-2023

The service repairs, but not all photoshop files. Was able to fix one drawing, the second one failed

James Bond 05-22-2023

Only tool i found that recovered my broken psd, very impressed! Try the demo first to make sure it's recoverable, otherwise you might throw money away.

Dan 05-22-2023

Easy way to repaire Photoshop document. As a designer, the site design is not very good, the components of the UX form are too divergent from each other.

Jalen Ignacio 05-22-2023

I was pleased with the quality of the repair. Helped to fix the corruption of the picture with all layers.

Keily Aiden 05-22-2023

Damn guys, are you serious? don't have an offline repair software? While I was waiting for the process of downloading the source file, I almost died, it's good at least the Internet is good. Keep 5 for fixing the file. P.S your progress bar is strange, it moves like wild back and forth

Callan August 05-22-2023

I was able to restore the broken .PSD file to the last save state, but some texts and lines were restored in raster format

REMEABLE 05-22-2023

Adobe Photoshop file data is corrupted because my .PSD file does not open. I do not understand how this could happen, the file size has not changed, and the file, after displaying the error, opened an empty sheet. After uploading the file to the site, the error was fixed, Photoshop no longer swore at the lost data and opened the file without errors.

Jerkinwar08 05-22-2023

I forced the program to close because Photoshop crashed. As a result, I received a damaged .PSD file with an error that the version of the Photoshop file is not compatible with this version of Photoshop. The service helped me repair my damaged project, but it took longer. File size ~ 700MB.

Abattoir 05-22-2023

Recovered a big PS project, however the file provided wouldn't save due to "program error". Tried many things, eventually switched all layers one by one onto a new document and it saved. Too expensive for a glitchy automated service but glad my project got recovered.

danielle 05-22-2023

Photoshop saved and after the file has become corrupted. I tried to return it, but unfortunately to no avail. I spend $10 to recover PSD corrupted file, but some layers not been recover. Can you help me, maybe u can recover 100% of my file manually, please contact me via email

MoonDsgn 05-22-2023